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Bhejane Game Reserve

"Adventure is not outside, it is within"

Welcomes you to your one-stop adventure shop
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"ZASENDLE" is the Xhosa name for "WILD"


Home to an abundance of wildlife, coastlines, rolling mountains, South Africa is a destination second to none.

Zasendle Adventures was formed with the vision of conducting Safaris in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Mozambique.

ZASENDLE Adventures is founded and owned by Riaan Audie.
Zasendle Adventures is a privately owned safari company based in Port Elizabeth, on the famous Garden route in South Africa.

We offer everyone the opportunity to explore South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique, whether it be a rich heritage and culture or the diverse and endless wildlife every country has to offer.
Choose to explore this magnificent country with Zasendle Adventures. We offer everyone the opportunity to explore game reserves, National parks, city life, natural wonders of the world and so much more.

Riaan is not only passionate about wildlife and conservation but of South Africa in her entirety and will always work in this field without hesitation. He takes pride in his country and teaching others about it.

All our tours and safaris are led by fully qualified and knowledgeable guides.

Our tours focus on smaller and more intimate groups for a more personal experience. We use only local South African run and owned lodges and guesthouses and concentrate on supporting local markets and restaurants over franchises. Our excursions are focused on community upliftment and the conservation of our national parks.

We are committed to responsible tourism, the health and safety of all our guests, hosts, and guides.

We strive to give every guest a unique experience of Southern Africa that you will never forget.


Come and see what we LOVE so much about Southern Africa and leave as friends

Riaan Audie
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